Why Salvia loves chewing gum

It’s taken me over a year to integrate the messages of Salvia, and I cannot claim to have integrated them fully. But what this amazing teacher plant has taught me, is that there is
so much to be said for taking time to integrate the lessons from the plant teachers, and in the months that have passe
d I’ve become closer to this incredible teacher than ever before, and my respect for her has only increased as my understanding has become deeper.

I’ve really come to believe that Salvia’s lessons are of the highest truth. There is no confusing what she has to say, as when you connect with this plant, there is no you, no ego to get in the way. A connection with Salvia involves ego death, you are required to lose yourself as she takes you, and this is why Salvia is so scary for so many as the fear of losing the ego is strong in us. Yet we do find ourselves again eventually in Salvia space, a sense of self that is, although you will be definitely be left questioning what is the self once you have found your feet.

It seems a fairly consistent lesson that Salvia teaches is that we are all one, and whilst this is not a lesson exclusive to Salvia the experience of this teaching will be felt so completely through her.

Salvia is a hard teacher. There is no foreplay.She takes you all the way to the end game and it might take you a very long time to understand or process the lessons she is showing you.

Another consistent message that I’ve noticed many receiving, and that I’ve also received is ‘it’s all a game’. This is another message that is hard to integrate. Does it mean that I should stop playing it?

Over the months that I’ve sat with these messages, I’ve come to make some sense of them based on my own internal processing and work with other plants. And this is what I believe Saliva has to say to us, and also why Salvia has a habit of changing people into objects for some reason.

If some of the main Salvia themes are, “We are all one. It’s all a game. Why can’t you just be?” then this is what I believe we are being shown.

We are ‘the universe experiencing itself from a million different perspectives’, this was a message given to me by another plant. Interestingly enough, Alberto Villoldo, in his book, Shaman, Healer, Sage, writes of Inkan mythology “The Immense Force that we know as God decided from Its place in the unmanifest void to explore Itself. So It manifested twelve billion years ago as a singularity from which all matter in our universe was formed. The Immense Force continued to explore Itself through Its multitude of forms of life, as grasshopper, whales, planets, and moons. Yet since the Immense force was omnipresent and omniscience, each of Its manifestations also possessed these qualities. Therefore It had to keep the nature of Its being a secret from Itself in order to know Itself through Its ten thousand forms.”

We are all One. We are points of observation for The One. It’s all a game.

If it’s all a game, is it pointless?

Imagine you are standing in front of an arcade machine. You insert your coin and select your character. Your game begins. For this amount of time, you must engage the game in order to play your character. If you do not play well, you will die. You may have more than one life. If you play well, you enjoy the game. We may as well play the game well.

If we are all One, then I will have the opportunity of experiencing myself through your eyes. I will experience every possible form and shape that exists in this universe. Somehow that makes all this more fair, doesn’t it? And therefore the age old wisdom of do unto others as you would have done unto yourself could not be truer, as I will be you and you will be me, and I will experience what it is I have done to you. It’s all a game, but play it well. Be kind. Love one another.

Sometimes Salvia likes to turn people into objects. They may become a piece of chewing gum, a suitcase or a brick in the wall. Some people feel these experiences are meaningless. I believe these experiences are profound and it is Salvia’s way once again of showing us that we are all One. That everything is One. That this brick is having the experience of being a brick. And is, for this moment, being the best brick that it can be, and embracing the full experience of its brickness. How often do we embrace the full experience of our humanness?

I think Nietzsche got it wrong. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, we are a spiritual being having human experiences.

And we need to embrace the fullness of what it is to be the character that we have selected. To be truly present. To experience what it is to be me now. To acquire that knowledge and return it to the Creator. To embrace the game fully and play it well.

You’ve got to love Salvia.

I think her teachings will still take me a lifetime to integrate, and hopefully I will make more progress as my journey takes me.


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