The secret in God’s name

“Meditate upon the names of God”, an instruction from more than one faith.

Why? What secrets will be revealed?

The truth has been hidden from us like a veil by society. We pray in churches to a God that we believe is external to us.  But the medicine teaches us that God is inside us, that each and everyone of us carry the same divine spark.  We are one.

Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh, one of the seven names of God, simply stated as “I am”. “Some religious groups and theologians believe that this phrase, or at least the “I am” part of the phrase, is an actual name of God, or to lesser degree the sole name of God.”

What messages does the medicine bring us as to the nature of God (Source)?

We are the universe experiencing itself from a million different perspectives. We are One. Life is a prayer.

I’m sure you’ve had something along those lines, and if not yet, I expect you will soon.20130917185957-LowerOfLifeGalaxy

Let me therefore ask you a question.  Who is God?

Answer me with the name of God.

“I AM.”

Yes you are.

It’s so obvious.

Contained in God’s very name is the essence of God’s nature.

For how long have we been worshipping an entity that is external? How long have we been completely missing the point? We’ve been given all the information we need in God’s very name. Who is God? I am.  You are. We all are.  Contained within us, within every living creature, is the same spark of divinity.

Life is precious.

It is time we recognised that divinity within us. Connected with it.  Understood that we create and are creating our reality constantly.  We have the Creator within.   We too are responsible for our creation.  We are equally capable of the worst atrocities or the most beautiful miracles. We are not victims, we are powerful.

May we fan that divine spark within us and remember who we are.

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  1. Jane Mackenzir

    Beautiful site – may God’s ‘I am’radiate through it and touch the hearts of all.

  2. Diana

    Yay! This is it! The Creator is in the most minute part! And in every part! That’s why we say in Quechua as Inkan Laykas- “Nohan Kayni Kayni!” I Am that I Am. I am the wind, I am the sun, I am the water….and so on! It’s fine saying it. On a profound level we have to realise this sacredness! Most of us don’t! This is soooo sad. If we did it would change our perception about everything that is. We create everything that we experience through our thoughts. All sages and great teachers of spirituality have in fact given us this wisdom!

    The Upanishads of the Veda expressed this…within the seed is the whole of creation. The hologram of all that is is in perfection in our very cells.

    We need shout out and sing, ” I Am God”!

    We need to live in love with ourselves! ( With this naturally then comes respect for all life.)

    Even Jesus Christ said: “The Kingdom of God is within you! Don’t search for it outside because you will not find it”.


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