And so we sentence ourselves…

“Why are you sad?”
“Because you speak to me in words, and I look at you in feelings”
– Leo Tolstoy

This teaching I received has to do with the problem with words and communication.

The teaching and messages that follow have greatly assisted me, and I humbly believe will assist many more in our journey towards attaining self mastery. Many of you are also “tapping” into this same teaching and have received much of the same, and I have shared this with some of you already, but it is important that I have finally get around to writing it all down smile emoticon

It began with a clear instruction from Ayahuasca that all I have to really worry about is taking control of the words I use, both my thoughts, and, even more importantly, the words that leave my mouth. That my words create my reality and gaining control of my words would enable me to act from a place of higher self.

The plants continued to teach me. Another plant showed me what a word really is, and words are things. I saw a vision of this living thing, it had energy attached to it like a bad smell, growing on it like moss. This was a bad word. I was shown how from the very first time a word is used, it accumulates energy and it retains the energy of all its uses. I was shown how we use words not understanding the energy we are transmitting that they carry when we use them.

The plant that was communicating to me about this was especially concerned about words and I had the strong sense that something had gone wrong for us as human beings when we invented words, that it wasn’t our intended form of communication. That so much goes wrong for us as a result of flawed communication using words. (I wonder if perhaps there is something in the story of the tower of Babel.)

I was shown how words are symbols to us and are therefore flawed forms of communication. Each of us has different interpretations of what these symbols mean when we communicate.

I was also shown how words create categories when there don’t need to be any. And how programmed we are in our thinking so that we continually create categories and how this does not serve us.

I was shown how there are good words and bad words. And where in bad areas you will find a lot of bad words being used.

I started to receive more of the message one night with a dear friend who gave me this insight, “words are spells, that’s why we spell them, and that’s why it’s called spelling.”

I realised we are all born magicians as we begin to weave our worlds with the words we use. The truth was so obvious, it was there all along, and like all spiritual truths it was so simple. We create our realities with the words we use. Words are spells. We ‘sentence’ ourselves.

And I started to discover the spells (and codes) in words. In many words are hidden truths. You may have seen the internet meme “Silent and listen contain the same letters”. A good friend recently alerted me to the an addict often loses their voice, and the spell in the word addiction is without diction – “a-diction”, without words. Kabbalah is an entire system that examines the spells in words. Look for the spells in words, you may be surprised what you will find.

I was then blessed with another teaching that followed. Because words accumulate energy, the oldest words have the most energy. Which brings me to the importance and value of mantras. Mantras are words that have been said with sacred intent so many times, therefore the energy of mantras are amazing. Use mantras to lift your energy and pull in the light. Sing them, play them, immerse yourself in them.

The names of God contain the most energy because they have been said so many times with sacred intent. This is why it is a sin to blaspheme because who are we to change the energy of that which is sacred.
The words you use, the words you think with, well they are creating your reality now. You are the product of the choices you make so choose your words wisely. Spend time in silence with no words, and make a practice of using sacred words.

“Speak only if it improves the silence,” said Gandhi.

“Before you speak, let your words pass through these three gates. At the first gate, ask yourself, ‘Is it true?’ At the second gate, ask yourself, ‘Is it necessary?’ At the third gate, ask yourself, ‘Is it kind?’” – Sufi saying.

Words are the tools of the ego. By observation of the words we use, we can catch the ego at its games. The ego does not enjoy silence. The more I learn, the less I wish to speak. So much of what I say is regrettably still unnecessary noise.

Words are the antidote to our medicine experiences and communion with spirit. They prevent us from becoming the observer. The observer cannot use words if one is to observe. If we are to communicate with spirit and plants, we have to relinquish our hold on the talking stick, as only one of us may speak at once. I have found great value in silencing the words in my head in order to receive.

Life is the ultimate ceremony and sacred space doesn’t begin and end when we working with medicine. We can hold sacred space in our lives at every moment by being mindful of the words that form our thoughts, and the words that leave our mouths.

A few months later since writing this original post, I received another download. Words are spells, but thoughts are entities. We give life to our thoughts! It will take me a while to fully integrate this one :)

Words can kill a person. But we can use them to create beauty too. Observation and control over our words will assist us in attaining self-mastery. I have failed so many times, but I am getting better and already I do not go down the dark alleys in my mind I used to frequent because I do not allow the words that used to take me there. This is constant learning, and I often find it hard to forgive myself for my failures, but by increased consciousness and practice of this lesson it is becoming easier and I hope that I get better every day.  Mastery over words is self mastery, and from mastery over words, comes mastery over thoughts, these beings that we give birth to as the creator/s.

“Silence is the language of god,
all else is poor translation.”
― Rumi

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