How to break the cycle of suffering

A beautiful teaching from Huachuma.

“Inlakesh” is a Mayan word meaning “I am you”, and “you are me” and “we are one”.

This is a common teaching from the plants, the Oneness, the interconnectedness.

Sitting in contemplation of this Oneness, it struck me that it is something that we say so often, but seldom really deeply contemplate. I am One with everything means that I am  really you, and you are really me, but then also that means I am the violent criminal, the rapist, the thief, the sadist, the murderer… The more I sat in this consciousness I could feel droplets of sweat forming fear on my skin, I could start to tap into the consciousness of a person about to commit a crime, and I felt fear, trepidation and a little exhilaration too.  And I acknowledged that I had little knowledge or understanding of what Oneness really means, for to embrace it fully means to embrace the darkness, not just the light.  For to be One with everything means to accept and love the parts of (Myself) that I do not find appealing, that I do not and cannot reconcile.

I started to receive a teaching on meaning of the word Inlakesh and how each of us can transform the cycle of human suffering.

I am you and you are me. Therefore I will experience the world as you, and you will experience the world as me.  I therefore have an obligation to live a beautiful life and to be beautiful myself so that your experience of me, is beautiful. And so every experience I (you) have as a human being will be beautiful.

We cannot really change others.  We can only be the change we want to see in the world.  This is what I believe is the highest truth contained in these words.  We will change the world by changing ourselves one at a time.

How can this end suffering?  Well it will not end aspects of suffering that we require in order to learn.  Such as being born handicapped or in poverty.  But how we choose to live under such circumstances is our choice and our lesson.  We can choose to live with grace.  And that is t is what makes us beautiful.  Our hearts.

You have an obligation to live a beautiful life.  You have an obligation to be happy. It’s a powerful lesson and a powerful teaching.  It automatically erodes all notions of selfishness, “I can’t do this for me, that’s selfish!” Being good to ourselves is not selfish, it is essential.  Experience, love and learn and love yourself first for I am you and this is your gift and the true path.

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  1. Diana

    In a nutshell! Well said.

    Our main responsibility is to bring “Phutukusi” into this world. This Quechua word means – flowering joy!

    At Machu Picchu in Peru there is a special stone called the Pachamama stone. This stone echoes a mountain that is directly behind it in its shape, called “Phutukusi”. This Little peak is a Nust’a – a female mountain…she is a big heap of Flowering Joy reaching up into the clouds!

    Standing before the Pachamama stone and looking out towards Phutukusi I realised something profound in the relationship between these two heaps of rock that I have based my life on since 2005. The Inkas were very wise. If you connect deeply with the Pachama – love all that we can possibly experience here staying on the Earth first and fore mostly – you will receive Phutukusi!

    This is “Ayni” in its purest form. Ayni is direct reciprocation from one to another. The Pachamama responds directly to our respecting and honouring Her deeply, giving to us, in return, a gift of utter grace – a heart full of joy – a whole mountain of it!

    Isn’t this magical!?

    I have this joy!

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