Making Marijuana your ally

Cannabucus the male Cannabis God by Alex Gray
Cannabucus the male Cannabis God by Alex Gray

When a plant is your ally, the two of you become ‘friends’. You may obtain a sense of the personality of the plant.  You may meet the spirit of the plant.  You connect deeply with the plant and form a love for the teachings it brings you.  You are comfortable to navigate the spaces it takes you.  And you may connect with the plant and receive teachings and guidance even when you are not using the medicine.

Even if you do not connect so deeply with Marijuana, this sacred plant has an incredibly beautiful and powerful nature that is sadly so often underestimated.  Marijuana is perhaps the most underestimated teacher plant in modern society today, whereas historically this was not so.  I believe the reason for this is the acceptance that this is a plant that can be used recreationally, and therefore a strong connection to the plant spirit is lost as a result, or not sought after due to lack of knowledge.

Marijuana is a plant I used to have an adverse reaction to.  Many years before my medicine path began, I would partake in this plant in a social context and become extremely paranoid, suddenly feeling vulnerable and exposed.  I would not be able to remember what I was saying and like a rabbit caught in the headlights I would want to hide. Over the following few days I would feel depressed and I would forget my words.  I did not enjoy Marijuana, and I had no respect for anyone using the plant.  I was convinced that this was a dangerous substance and that it destroyed lives. I would watch some friends wake up in the morning and smoke a ‘joint’ to start their day, friends who said that they needed the plant to function, and yet these people could hardly be said to be ‘functioning’ in any proper sense.  They struggled to hold down a job for long periods and they were inclined to apathy and didn’t seem to be able to operate properly in the real world.

I’ve come to realise that these are the symptoms of an abusive relationship with this sacred medicine.  Each and every plant has the ability to connect you to Source, to heal you, to be your ally. If you do not respect the plant, you will suffer the consequences. From what I have observed, the symptoms of a negative relationship with the plant arise when we use it or any sacred medicine ‘just because it is there’ or as an attempt to hide from the 3D reality we live in day to day, which is in fact our classroom.  The plants are here to assist us to live better, not to hold us back from living. The same is true of tobacco, a plant that is considered by many cultures to be one of the most sacred plants of all, abused by western society and now one of the main causes of cancer and various other health disorders – because we do not respect it as a powerful plant medicine.

Marijuana is a sacred teacher, an incredibly powerful plant.  Marijuana is classified as a ‘hallucinogenic’ if we choose to examine the plant from a chemical perspective.  Few people connect to the visionary aspect of this plant because of the relationship that they form with it. I hope that the advice in this article will assist those of you who would like to form this connection.

The first thing to understand when one chooses to form a connection with a plant ally is that intention is everything.  The type of relationship you have with the plant will be the type of relationship that your heart truly desires. There are five types of intended connection and relationship that are possible when using plant medicines:

  • Recreational
  • Healing
  • Exploratory (Psychonaut)
  • Ceremonial / Ritual
  • Shamanic

Recreational use is a common use of Marijuana. Recreational use is your choice, but is likely to prevent a connection with the plant spirit and is unlikely to facilitate a healing connection.

Using the plant for no intention whatsoever, or using the plant to avoid, can result in an addictive and unhealthy relationship not only with this plant, but with any substance that you use for this purpose ranging from food to mainstream narcotics.  This is not the plant’s fault, but is the consequences of many failed coping mechanisms.  The side effects of too much Marijuana use include apathy, a lack of motivation, short term memory loss and in some cases the inability to dream, whereas a positive relationship with the plant is in fact extremely energising and opens up repressed memories and the brain’s true potential.

It is also important to mention that healing occurs with almost all sacred encounters with plant medicines, however healing may be your sole intention.

The extent of connection that you desire with this plant is based on your levels of commitment to working with plant medicine, and your yearning for connection.

The next thing to understand is that the plant must be respected.  Start observing the way in which you speak about Marijuana.  Do you like to talk about ‘weed’ and do you say you are going to get ‘stoned’?  If this is the language you are using, your words are creating your reality.

Now to engage with the plant as an ally.  For deep connection, create a sacred space and have an intention for your use of the plant.  Intention is the alchemy we add to the medicine experience and plants respond to intention.  Create your own ritual and get comfortable.  For this plant, it is a good idea to lie down so that you can journey.  Make sure you are warm as the medicine may in some cases lower your body temperature.  Uplifting music is also an option at this point.

The next thing to understand is that your first few experiences with this plant may be really difficult.  You may experience paranoia.  This is why it is so important to work with the plant in a safe space. It helps to understand the paranoia so that you can work through it.  The paranoia is a symptom of the ego’s state of fear.  The ego does not like to be observed, and this plant allows you to observe the ego at its games. This is why you may have felt so vulnerable and exposed if you have used the plant in public or an unsafe space before.

Marijuana is very proficient at enabling us to separate the ego from the higher self, the aspect of ourselves that is connected to Source.  This is the intelligent part of ourselves that carries the divine spark, that is more than you ever imagined possible, but is wise, humble and able to assist you; you, the complex being that consists of everything that makes you human.

What this plant is so good at is allowing you to sit in a state of higher self in order to become the observer.  The ego is bound to put up a good fight, especially in the beginning.  Observe, but do not become involved in your own story.  By observing, the ego soon runs out of games, and you become more connected and in control; you are effectively ‘cleaning’ the ego and the ego is going through various ego deaths as you do so.

Ego death is to some extent a misnomer. The ego does ‘die’, but this is a temporary state.  It always returns again to haunt us, or rather to teach us for it is our teacher in this lifetime and we have to make peace with it. Marijuana is an exceptionally efficient tool to work with to mitigate the ego and its games.

The more time that you are spend in the state of higher self, the more you will be able to perceive that there is yet another presence with you.  It is not just your ego and your higher self, there is something much bigger with you, something that brings you external information which is often mind-blowing.  This something will provide you profound spiritual truths and insights and soon you may get a good sense of this being.  This is the spirit of the Plant.

I’ve come to know the plant spirit as a really good friend, and one with a sense of humour!

Often the different strains of Marijuana are given different names.  One of my fondest experiences is when the plant came to me and told me firmly, “I do not like to be called Cheese! Cheese is an animal product!” I can understand the offence the plant would take at this.  What was particularly amusing is the message was received at a totally random time of day at a rather inopportune moment.  I couldn’t help but feel incredible love towards this being. Another amusing message I received was being told the reason “I am so good at listening to the plants is because I am so bad at listening to humans!” I acknowledge the truth in this, and I know the plant is teasing me at the same time.

The visionary nature of this plant is profound.  I have been taken to the most unbelievable places working with this amazing ally.  I used to get very cold when working with this plant and tremble uncontrollably. I assumed my body temperature was being lowered.  One day I just allowed myself to shake, instead of holding myself tight, and everything changed for me.  I was caught up in the spirit of a wind that blew over the plains of North America.  Since letting go like this I have never felt cold on this medicine again.

Another quality of this plant that you may not be aware of is that it can take you on a journey across the geography of this reality (psychic teleportation of sorts).  Take a photograph of a place and focus on this place.  I have been able to move through the photograph and walk on cliff-edges, hold clumps of grass in my hands, feel the rocks beneath my feet and trace the rocks with my fingers.

It all goes without saying, however, that your experiences of this plant ally will vary from mine and be unique.  Do not expect fireworks. Do not let your expectations cloud the experience.  Whatever the plant chooses to give you will be perfect.  Work patiently.  This is a master plant for meditation.  This plant will teach you to be present.  This plant will show you a single thing from a million different perspectives.  This is the philosopher’s plant, but this is everybody’s plant; it is incredibly sacred and gentle.

This comes with a warning of sorts.  Once you have formed a sacred relationship with the plant, you will probably not be able to use it in a non-sacred context again.  There will always be teachings.  And unless you choose to disrespect this plant, this ally will remain a most powerful healer and friend.

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  1. Dark Moon

    The Teacher just came to me today.
    I was with my Love and the Teacher took me inward and away from the Body. My Love was involved with the Body, but I just couldn’t stay with him. The Observer was established and all Bodily events became Objects to learn from. All judgment had dissolved and along with it, the pain/pleasure cycle. All things became Sacred as they disclosed themselves.

    And if you have a heart to know it:
    The Ego is also Sacred and does not deserve the polemical language that you have used for it. Just like the Plant. The Ego is our most Ubiquitous Entheogen. I know it is a habit and not personally disclosed to you yet. Popular Culture disparages the Ego, and has for thousands of years, but it is our most potent Teacher. I suspect that it is part of our Telos to learn this, and not our Ancient Past. Once we can perceive it, we will be ready for the next phase of our Evolution. Inquire of your Teacher and see if this fits with what you Observe.

    Many blessings.
    Dark Moon

  2. Su Kelpyotter

    She indeed is the opening of the Heart to Light.
    My most sacred ally.
    My utlimate teacher/master,.

  3. Diana

    Thank you, Elana, for this beautiful article on Marijuana. As we have discussed most of what you have said, I totally resonate, yet again with your words of wisdom.

    I have been eating the tips of young plants that are coming up all over my veg garden. (A gift of S & T!) I steam them with my veg at night combined with quinoa leaves, young cabbage or brocholli leaves. Usually there is no direct effect on me other than being alert as an observer. I get on with my normal life painting, reading or watching movies!

    All food I pick is blessed as I pick it. I talk to all the plants apologising to them if I hurt them as I pick them. I also bless my food before I eat. So all meals are a sacred sharing.

    I am wondering if this eating of small growth heads is indeed affecting my perception?

    I need to speak to a physicist. A quantum physicist! Early hours of this morn. I got yet another huge understanding about the Elemental Table- the 108 individual atoms and their function and potential.

    Xxx Diana

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