Creating Abundance

Creating abundance

I’d reached a point in my life where my spiritual path had become clear. I knew where I was going, yet I kept banging my head against a wall as I just couldn’t get there because I couldn’t support myself to get where I wanted to go. And so I decided to set my intention and I asked the medicine to teach me how to create, and the lessons have unfolded over the last year and a half as I have stepped into more and more abundance with so much gratitude.

I’ve come to firmly believe that creation and manifestation are an essential element of self mastery. When we flow with spirit, our ability to manifest becomes stronger and is in fact, essential. And each and every one of us is capable of manifesting. I’d like to share with you the lessons I’ve learnt so far so that this knowledge may assist you too on your own individual path to manifestation and creation.

  1. Self affirmation

Money, I have come to believe, is pretty similar to love. Like a bird, it will fly with the lover whom makes it feel secure. But when we feel fear and anxiety towards money we scare it away. We start to crush it. We become like stalkers.

Money is not attracted energetically by this energy. We need to feel secure in our ability to attract abundance and this is linked to our belief in our own self worth. What you belief you are worth, you will attract and receive. How much do you believe you are really worth? When you stand strong in confidence of your own self value, money will stand securely with you knowing you can hold it.

  1. Non attachment

Once again, like a lover, money does not like to be possessed. The more we attach to money and what it can do for us, the more likely it is to slip through our fingers. Attachment causes us nothing but suffering. Whilst we can appreciate the benefits that abundance can bring us such as the ability to pursue our soul paths, when we start to covet weath, possessions, pleasure and money itself, we get caught up in Maya (the illusion).

  1. Flow

Money is an energy, allow it to flow. Give in order to receive more. Do not be afraid to be generous within reason. So often I find myself reaching out to empower others only to find blessings showering down upon me only moments later. Give selflessly, not because you are expecting to receive, but as random acts of love.

  1. Gratitude

Be grateful for what you have. Gratitude puts everything in perspective, it is the secret of happiness and it keeps you humble.

  1. Service

Why are you seeking to create abundance in the first place? Examine your motivations. Be sure there is no fear, greed, or ego involved. Abundance will flow when you are in alignment with your true path. And your path may not unfold as ‘you’ would like it to. Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. As they say, even Buddha had to do the dishes. There are going to be a lot of dishes ahead. But do them with joy and you will always have food for dinner and a song in your heart.


Image: Earth Ascending by Walter Bruneel

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